Shut UP Book Cover Shut UP Book Cover
Winner/Finalist Four National Awards:
Foreword Book of the Year, EGlobal, IPPY, and Next Generation
ISBN #978-097647427-2
Writer's Digest Book Awards - Judge's commentary
"... the perfect book for anyone who's ever considered a writing career but just couldn't seem to make the dream a reality."
The Writer magazine
"... coaching and humor that inspires and shows you how to become the writer you want to be."
Midwest Book Review
"... one of the most helpful books on writing that I have read."
Redbird Studio
20860 George Hunt Circle #312
Waukesha WI 53186
This is the original "Redbird Studio" founded by Judy Bridges in 1993. Currently sponsors Judy's workshops and readings.
Redoak Writing
Director: Kim Suhr
P.O. Box 342
Genesee Depot WI 53127
The official successor to Redbird Studio. Offers writers' roundtable groups and other programs for adults and young writers.
Redbird Studio
   Founded by Judy Bridges, 1993   

About Judy Bridges

Judy with Shut Up doll




Here's what I like about this picture...

The Shut Up & Write doll was painted by my friend, Mary Lou Bell. It reminds me of times she and other friends stood in doorways saying, "This way to the Judy Bridges workshop."

The tiny gorilla in the foreground is a mini version of my writing buddy, Alfred, who lets me write nonsense when I want to.

The red "book" in front of me is an early draft of my Shut Up & Write! manuscript.

I'm smiling. This is normal for me. I still giggle, and I sometimes growl. But I am never, ever, passive. Not even when I try to be.

Another thing I like about the photo is that there are no diplomas, no awards, no fancy icons on the wall. This is important, because when I'm teaching, it's not about me. It's about helping other people say what they want to say, write what they want to write. I'm a power in the room, and a helluva good leader, but where I come from doesn't matter nearly as much as where my students are going.

If forced, I will admit to having a bachelor's in writing (fiction and nonfiction), a master's in adult education, and over a decade of professional writing experience. In 1993, I founded a writing center called Redbird Studio, where I taught more than six thousand kids and adults to write better than they did before they met me. Redbird was named "Best of" area writing centers by Milwaukee Magazine. I was honored as a "Woman Who Put Her Stamp on Milwaukee." I have a huge white binder filled with news and magazine articles about the studio.

That's all very nice, but when I look at this photo, I hear the voices of the writers reading their work. I hear applause, and advice, and encouragement.

That's what I like about this picture.